Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Now all I have to do is get over my fear of Lions and Hights...


It's 3:30 am here in London and guess what I just found out? The FGHS dance team just won 2ed place in state. I am really happy that the team did so well... I'm glad that the team is not totally destroyed- in fact, that was a higher placement then I ever got while I was on the team. When I heard the news I was so happy I started to jump up and down and shout! But... in the back of my mind I sort of felt bad... like why couldn't we have done better my senior year? Well, I guess we did do an okay job... and this year team had a lot less to worry about then last years team... BUt..

I miss dance a lot.... I mean I still love my body but- I am gaining weight, I am not as flexible, and I am noticeably more tiered (spelling?) in the day time.

Today the freshman over here had a meeting about going back to FSU. I think I am going to get involved with the student theater, radio station, and join the circus. I figure I'll just spend the next few years just doing whatever and learning about film. And after all, who doesn't love the circus?


At 12:57 PM, Blogger T-Mac said...

Welcome to my fucking life, Megan. When the speech and debate team did better AFTER David and I graduated, I felt the same way. Hang in there, though, and congrats to them!


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